Instagram Clone Application

Instagram is an immensely popular app. It has approximately 300 million users’ worldwide. The huge popularity of the app has encouraged developers to build a clone app that resembles in functionality to the Instagram app. Vrinsoft comprises of an expert team that has experience in creating highly functional and user friendly apps. The developers are skilled to take up any type of challenge. They focus on building the app in a way that it satisfies the individual requirements of clients. The app facilitates clicking and publishing of photos and also allows users to share them on social media pages. The clone provides additional features that can be used for editing and customizing the pictures. This helps users to convert the pictures into lively modes of communication. Delivering quality services to clients has always been the focus of Vrinsoft. The professionals of our team can effectively recreate clones of popular apps like LinkedIn, Groupon and Yelp.



What’s new Include?

The app has custom designed filters that can be used to filter clicked images. The filters can be used to change the feel and look of the photos to make them look better than the original ones. Image filters may also be added to the posts and shared on social media platforms. Even the most intricate details can also be customized.

Custom designed filters


Social media integration

The expert developers possess the required skills to integrate the app with social media API’s using sharing and photo editing apps. This promotes growth of the app and facilitates it to attain perfection.
Personal application development accounts from the Android and Apple app marketplaces may be used to submit the application in the app store. The store credentials can be added to the application manager and the software tackles the rest of the aspect.

Submitting the app in the app store


Common features

The app consists of many additional features which enable users capture, snap and click photos and videos. Video effects and image filters may be added to enhance the videos and photos. The app can also be integrated with various social media platforms like Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook. Users can also view the past history of followers and the people being followed, tag people, create hashtags and search posts.


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