The Signs that Indicate your Web Design is not Doing Well

Experts of the industry suggest that, it is good to alter your website design after 1-2 years. But, it will not be effective if you just follow the same design tactics of last time. Always match the design trends to get better outcomes. Here is a list of outdated designing elements that are not good to have on your site as per recent trends.

Image Carousel:

This is an old website designing trend now a day. As per the recent strategies, visitors do not spend a good time on a specific page or module. Hence, image carousel will not be effective. In place of this, proficient designers put looping background video without sound. This has more effects.

Do not just choose among the limited font styles you have:

As of now, to look design eye-popping you must try out unique and different font styles. Do not just limit your font style with the Times new Roman, Calibri, arial, etc. Choose the best among GoogleFonts, FontSquirrel, Typekit by Adobe, etc. Applying these new font styles can definitely boost an impact of your website.

Too little white space:

Now a day, it is trend of extended home page with sufficient white space. Designers give proper spacing and explain their business and services in the home page by giving divs of eye-popping styles. It is outdated to design a site that is having tight and narrow dimensions. To develop responsive and SEO friendly site is priority. These kind of design is effective for the eyes of search engine crawlers as well.


Now, the Skeuomorphism images are not in a trend. The experienced and creative designers make a practice of subtle patters for better results and traffic. Just keep your eyes on the latest mobile design trends to grab user’s attention. Doing professional photography and uploading them on the site is also the best idea for now.

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