The Ghost Lens app is a unique app for photo editing. It allows you to make ghosts out of your own video or photo. The various fun features of the app include freeing spirits from the body, bodies floating in air, swapped parts of the body and many more. Various developers have made efforts to replicate the app and have added many more additional features. The experts at Vrinsofts can help in developing such clone apps which enable users to get a ghost like experience in the real world. We focus on developing apps that can provide the most revolutionary videos and photos. These apps have a huge potential for success in the photo sharing and editing world of today. They can add value to the online marketing trends. The expert developers at Vrinsofts ensure the incorporation of various features regarding video and image filters in order to create exceptional and perfect ghost photos. At Vrinsofts, we have a track record of developing numerous mobile applications which makes us well prepared to take up any kind of challenges. Our professional UX and UI designers implement unique ideas in order to design apps that suit the various types of business requirements.




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