Factors to Enhance Rankings on Google by Utilizing HTTPs

Google is going to give more preference to HTTPS sites for rankings. SEO professionals and webmasters must consider the signal and plan the digital marketing strategy accordingly.

Data Security:

Google gives more priority to security. The ‘s’ at the end of HTTP stands for secure. This indicates that the specific server is using SSL/TLS protocols, and assures that data transferred during a session is encrypted. Google is having an ethical policy to offer a secure web experience for everyone. It is obvious that the secured sites will beat the unsecured sites in ranking.


When the users search a query in Google, they are redirected to the search engine results page. For each user search string, Google shares with the users that, which sites are secured and which are not. This makes it very clear which sites they may prefer, click and dwell on. Dwell time and click-troughs are the two important factors considered in the search engine results. The expert internet-marketing professionals consider this thing in Search engine promotion.  


Quickly switch to the HTTPS sites:

Google will not notify us before giving more value to the HTTPS sites. They will take some time to just make the changes in algorithms and give them more value. It is recommended to replace the site with HTTPS during the year 2015 for the increased search engine value. Reputed SEO companies suggest their clients make their websites secure.

Site loading speed:

It is fact that the sites having an extra level of security may affect the site loading speed. This is a matter of time extension for the milliseconds. However, for the search engines, it matters. There are many other alternatives available as per the technology advancements, which allow you to enhance the security without affecting a site’s performance. Google is supposed to give more importance to the secured sites for the load time difference of over a half-second. Find other alternatives to increase the load time, but give value to the security.

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