Wholesale B2B Commerce Management

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Wholesale B2B Commerce Management

Are you a B2B retailer who is looking to get your business recognition on the wholesale e-commerce platform? Vrinsoft can take your B2B e-commerce business to a whole new level with its powerful B2B e-commerce software solutions where our major emphasis is on delivering customized solutions based on your business’s requirements.

When you hire Vrinsoft for your wholesale B2B e-commerce requirements you can count on the following productive solutions:

  • E-commerce Navigation like B2C with product selling in bulk

  • Customized catalog and front-end themes

  • Role-based dashboards and user privileges

  • Management of inventory, product catalog, payment conditions and user profiles

  • Management of customers, suppliers, and partners ecosystem

  • Personalized experience with branded invoices

  • User-friendly interface simplifying order searching, placing, and tracking

There are many challenges that B2B sellers faces while handling their B2B business including: management of hundreds of products & brands, intricacies related to procurement, variations in products costing, management of detailed brochures and paper catalogs, limited payment options, lack of shopping cart interface (same as B2C), lack of methodical shipping, tracking and delivery of consignments, etc. Our team can build effective wholesale B2B e-commerce solutions equivalent to the B2C interfaces enabling a smooth buying experience for the users.

We understand how a B2B e-commerce platform should be more than just an order taking or delivering system and hence, we deliver an all-in-one B2B e-commerce solution that encompasses every relevant aspect – be it accounting, inventory management or customer relationship management giving the same user experience as a B2C e-commerce website.

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