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About E-commerce App

Create the history by developing a dynamic e-commerce app to boost your online sales in the industry. Having taken the concept of B2C business to a whole new level, e-commerce allows local business persons to sell their goods and services on a global platform and customers can shop from the comfort of their home. An e-commerce Marketplace with the latest 3D product view facility provides a complete and extensive shopping experience to customers with secure payment methods.

Pros of having an e-commerce app-
  • Efficient customer experience for shopping

  • Modifying the orders

  • Managing the account details

  • Keeping track of orders



Purchases on mobile applications are spontaneous

170 mln

Mobile eCommerce Market in USA will reach 170 mln by 2019


Abandon shopping transaction because of poor user experience
  • Chatbot assistance
  • Secured payment options
  • Customer executive options
  • 24*7 functionalities
  • Ultra-modern features
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Basic Features of e-commerce app
App Users
User side

Basic Features

Login & Registration


Smart Filters and Search to find product

Manage Orders

Products Details Screen

Manage Products

Shopping Cart Functions

Manage Inventory

Mark Favourite Products

Manage Shipment

Order / Cancel Products

Manage Offers / Schemes / Promo Codes

Compare Similar Products

Product Rating & Review Alert Prompt

Receive Notifications

Push Notifications

View Order and Track Its Status

Revenue Analytics

View Order History

View Order History

Manage Profile

Report Generation

Return and Refund Policy

Manage Billing of Orders

Secure Payments

Manage Own profile

Review and Ratings


Avail Different Offers / Schemes


Chat Module Support



Cost of eCommerce Mobile App Development


Innovative features

Voice Assistant

Our experienced development team can help you integrate your e-commerce Marketplace with voice assistants from Google, Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. Leverage this technology to allow your customers to buy the product from your e-commerce website with voice command and boost your sales.

Integrated Chatbot function

Enhance your customer experience by using customized Chatbot functionality. Chatbot provides quick customer support and improves your online sales by acting as the mediator between you and your customers.

3D product view

3D product view or the 36-degree product view facilitates your customers to have a feel of the product without actually touching it. This functionality is the best way to enhance customer experience and to get a winning edge over your competitors.

What do we offer?

Business Segment

Mobile web apps-

If you want an app that will work on mobile and big screen, then we will create an e-commerce app, which will work perfectly on all gadgets.

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On-Demand apps-

No matter what your project is, we will use our knowledge to create an app that will satisfy all the requirements of your business.

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Customized App

With us, you can get your app customized with all the features and functions you want so that your app stands out in the market.

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Are you in search of e-commerce marketplace solutions?

We will help you with following
  • Customer application for the end-users to browse through and purchase products.

  • Reseller/Retailers Application for the reseller to sell the product to the end-users.

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Account management

Order Tracking


When you choose us, we know you expect the best thus, we make sure that our team delivers an exceptional quality product that will meet your necessities and the users’ expectations. We never compromise even the slightest when it comes to quality.

Many clients have concerns about the transparency of the services company provide. However, we make sure that you know everything about what, how, and why we do. We ensure to have clear communications with clients to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

We excel in the diversified range of services, and concurrently we also provide flexibility to the clients. Our team is tapping into the power of technologies and uses the same optimally to deliver you the unsurpassed kind of services in the given time.

You want your business to transform into something great, and we visualize the same. That is why we strategize the whole model and deliver you under the budget price so that you get quality services at cost-effective prices.

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