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About Doctor Appointment app

The lives of people are getting busier by the day leaving no time for regular health check-ups. Visiting a doctor is not so easy because of the busy schedule everyone has. So what better way than a favorable alternative for the commoners where they can easily book a visit to the doctor while on the go? A simple solution to create a Doctor Appointment App where people can book an appointment, an innovative approach to drive away from the everyday hassles of frequent visits to the doctor.

Benefits of our doctor’s appointment app
  • Get the appointment in seconds

  • Choose the doctor from the available list

  • Appointment reminder

  • Good quality functions and features

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  • 259,000
    259,000 mHealth apps were published in 2016.
  • 64%
    In 2019, 64% of patients will make appointments online.
  • $280
    Healthcare IT market will reach $280 Billion by 2021.
  • 24*7 availability of doctors

  • Online consultation is available

  • Time and cost-effective service

  • Consultation at any time and anywhere

  • Elimination of communication barrier

Basic Features of Doctor’s appointment app
App Users
User side
Doctor Side
Basic FeaturesLogin & RegistrationLogin
Dynamic Search RadiusAccept or Reject The Appointment Request
Search SpecialistsManage own availability
Search Near-by SpecialistsView List of Scheduled Appointments with Timings
Showing Available Doctors to Patients as per selected Doctor Type, Visit Type & LocationView Patient's Appointment History
Check Doctor's AvailabilitySend Remarks / Prescription to Patient
Schedule Appointment with Particular DoctorCheck The Patient's Uploaded Document and Case History
Appointment HistoryOne to One chat with Patient
Mark Doctor as a FavouriteManage own profile
Make PaymentManage Settings
Online Consultation via chatView Total Earnings (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
Upload Health-Related DocumentView Ratings are given by Patients
Push Notifications-
Manage Own Profile-
One to One Chat with Doctor-
Rating and Review Doctors & Apps-
Cost of Doctor Booking App Development$15000
Innovative features

Voice-enabled technology

A Voice Assistant like Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant when integrated with the application can be used to perform various tasks using commands over voice, which eventually saves time for the user.


Our skilled team can create specially designed chatbots that act as a mediator between the doctors and the patients. This feature prevents distance and allows patients and doctors to chat.

Include medicinal availability

Integrating information of the nearest medicinal facilities along with the list of medicines available can reduce the rush that patients face. The patient can compare the prices of the app and can buy whatever they want.

What do we offer?

Business Segment

Mobile web apps-

We can create an app that is compatible with your mobile screen as well as the laptop screen to provide a user-friendly experience to users.


Want to own a doctor’s appointment app?

Here’s how our developer can help you in developing one;
  • A Patient Mobile Application where patients can contact doctors, schedule appointments, and gain access to the various details of the treatment.

  • A Doctor Web Panel acts as a window for communicating with the patients.


When you choose us, we know you expect the best thus we make sure that our team delivers an exceptional quality product, which will meet your necessities along with the expectations of the users. We never compromise even the slightest when it comes to quality.

Many clients have concerns about the transparency of the services we provide. However, we make sure that you know everything about what, how, and why we do. We ensure to have clear communications with clients to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

We excel in the diversified range of services, and concurrently we also provide flexibility to the clients. Our team is tapping into the power of technologies and uses the same optimally to deliver you the unsurpassed kind of services in the given time.

You want your business to transform into something great, and we envision the same. This is why we strategize the whole model and deliver you under the budget price so that you get quality services at cost-effective prices.

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