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mHealthcare and Telemedicine Statistics
mHealthcare and Telemedicine Statistics


259,000 mHealth apps were published in 2016.


In 2019, 64% of patients will make appointments online.


Healthcare IT market will reach $280 Billion by 2021.

About Doctor Appointment Application

The world wide count of people is multiplying by the hour and so are their health problems. However, the daily hustle leaves no time for frequent health checkups and in dire times, doctors may not be available on hand to tend to your health woes. A Doctor Appointment App would do exactly, allowing the user to book an appointment with their favourite or the nearest doctor to attend to the medical issue on hand. Appoint the best doctor and get an idea of your medical requirements to have a nurturing and fulfilling experience.

What Are The Advantages Of Doctor Appointment Booking Application?
What are the advantages

With the population growing day-by-day, the healthcare services all around the world have to be top-notch as well, so as to see to the well-being of every individual.

Lessens additional costs.


Acquires more patients.

Time effective + Cost effective.


Resource Team for Doctor Appointment Booking Application

  • 1 UI Designer
  • 1-2 Android App Developers
  • 1-2 iOS App Developers
  • 1 Backend developer
  • 1 Quality Analyst
  • 1 Business Analyst
  • 1 Project Manager

Basic Features of doctor appointment booking application
Basic Features

App Users User Side Doctor Side Admin Side
Basic Features Login & Registration Login Login
Dynamic Search Radius Accept or Reject The Appointment Request Manage Patients
Search Specialists Manage own availability Manage Doctors
Search Near-by Specialists View List of Scheduled Appointments with Timings Manage Statistical Dashboard
Showing Available Doctors to Patients as per selected Doctor Type,Visit Type & Location View Patient's Appointment History View & Manage Doctor's Appointments
Check Doctor's Availability Send Remarks / Prescription to Patient View and Export Reports
Schedule Appointment with Particular Doctor Check The Patient's Uploaded Document and Case History Manage Payments
Appointment History One to One chat with Patient Manage Settings
Mark Doctor as a Favourite Manage own profile Manage whole platform
Make Payment Manage Settings Settings
Online Consultation via chat View Total Earnings (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) -
Upload Health Related Document View Ratings given by Patients -
Push Notifications - -
Manage Own Profile - -
One to One Chat with Doctor - -
Rating and Review Doctors & Apps - -
Settings - -
Cost of Doctor Booking App Development $15000 USD

How Vrinsoft Technology will help you create your own Doctor Appointment Application?
How Vrinsoft Technology

Vrinsoft Technology is a web and software development company leading the name for providing the best IT consulting services in India. Our on-time execution and constant assistance on projects have established a reputed name for our company amongst our clients.

  • Our developers are familiar with both platforms i.e. Android and ios.
  • We provide an affordable range of services compatible with your mobile development plan.
  • We extend our services and also help in formalizing creative strategies by adding support to your ideas.
  • We stand by the entire process from the stages of development to testing and getting approval for the application.
  • Having worked with numerous app development projects, we are driven and well-experienced.

Unique features integrated with the Doctor Appointment Booking Application
Unique features integrated

Voice-enabled technology (Voice Assistant)

A Voice Assistant like Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant when integrated with the application can be used to perform various tasks using commands over voice. Integrating voice-enabled technology can reduce the time taken to carry out tasks, hence speeding the processes and enterprise functions.


Our skilled team can create specially designed chatbots which act as a mediator between the doctors and the patients. The patient can directly communicate with the doctor and chat about his desired requirements. Once the patient commences the chat, the chatbot immediately provides the individual with the available appointment slots and displays the information on the clinical calendar.

Include medicinal availability

Integrating information of the nearest medicinal facilities along with the list of medicines available can reduce the rush that patients face. Prices can be compared and medicines can be delivered at your doorstep easing the various problems patients undergo at health centre's.

Looking to develop an application for Doctor's Appointment Booking?

Leading the way in web and mobile application development, Vrinsoft Technology is a software development company who will consult you regarding ideas for Doctor Appointment Application along with the use-cases. The Doctor Appointment Application will be compatible on all platforms and accessible on all systems. Modules:

  • A Patient Mobile Application where patients can contact doctors, schedule appointments and gain access to the various details of the treatment.
  • A Doctor Web Panel which acts a window for communicating with the patients.

Technology Stack We use to develop

  • Android


  • Android Studio

    Android Studio

  • Fabric iOS

    Fabric iOS

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

  • Google API

    Google API

  • MEAN Stack

    MEAN Stack

  • Mentis BT

    Mentis BT

  • Sass


  • swift iOS

    swift iOS

  • Xcode


Start a project with Vrinsoft

So, what are you waiting for? Look no more and become a part of the Vrinsoft partner today. Reach out to the leading Doctor Appointment Application development company today to develop your dream project.

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