The biggest, baddest behemoths of Shopify: 10 of the most Influential stores

As the e-commerce market flourishes and matures, heavyweight player Shopify is the first option for scores of people looking to make it big in the world of e-commerce. But as Shopify sheds its image of catering to smaller stores, and sets its sights on the Big Guns, there are some huge companies that are making Shopify the home of their online store.

In fact, under its plus servicesthat cater to larger businesses, over 23% of their revenue now comes from larger firms. Armed with scores of skilled Shopify developers in India, these brands are migrating to the platform in droves, attracted by its simplicity, utility, and popularity. Curious? Take a look!

Some of the biggest Shopify stores’s revenues

To make it in the e-commerce market requires a lot of market research and studying the competition. As you can see, plenty of companies have this down to a science, raking in millions of dollars per year. Luckily, they have done the hard work, and you can learn from them. To make it easier for you, we have compiled the information on all the best companies, in one handy article. All you have to do is find your niche, hire a shopify developer in India, and you are ready to begin your e-commerce journey.

Location: CA, USA

Category: Footwear

Number of Employees: 73

With a focus on Sustainable footwear, Allbirds wins over eco-conscious shoppers with an emphasis on fusing traditional styles with modern ways of making more environmentally friendly items. Allbirds manufactures shoes for both men and women using a variety of materials like wool, tree, and even sugar(cane).

Location: CA, USA

Category: Homeware

Number of Employees: 7

Realising the need for washable, easy to clean rugs in homes with pets or kids, Ruggable is a company with a mission to creating beautiful spaces through the use of carpets and rugs. They use an innovative system that separates the part that gets dirty from the actual rug, earning them a place in the homes of so many customers.

Location: NY, USA

Category: Luxury Goods

Number of Employees: 84

A progressive retail establishment, with an online presence as well, Kith is a multifunctional lifestyle brand, for the whole of humanity. They pride themselves on their unique experience, offering premium products from their own in-house brands, and a carefully curated selection of products across categories like apparel, footwear, and food.

Location: CA, USA

Category: Cosmetics

Number of Employees: 112

A wallet-friendly cosmetics brand that caters to makeup aficionados and skincare connoisseurs alike, Colourpop is a California based company that prides itself on it’s anti-animal testing policy, BFF mascara, and it’s eyeshadow- all popular with their target market.

Location: NZ, USA

Category: Energy Drinks

Number of Employees: 38

An e-sports focused energy drinks brand, G Fuel is one of the many brands that markets itself to the burgeoning e-sports market. Touted as a healthy alternative to sugary energy drinks, G Fuel is sugar and gluten free with its over 20 flavours making it a popular choice for gamers and athletes alike.


Location: CA, USA

Category: Cosmetics

Number of Employees: 58

One of the most well known names on this list, Jeffrey Star Cosmetics is the cosmetics line made popular by Jeffrey Star, an American YouTuber, singer, and celebrity. His 2.35 billion USD personal fortune is testament to the popularity and quality of their cosmetics, leading to their inclusion in this list of the biggest players in the industry.

Location: NY, USA

Category: Fashion

Number of Employees: 2600

America is home to many of the worlds erstwhile fashion brands. Amongst these, Steve Madden is an influential house of fashion, with it today being one of the most iconic, recognisable names in the world. With an eye for the next trend, and a soft spot for rock and roll, this brand is one of the foremost names in modern fashion.

Location: Salmiya, Kuwait

Category: Vaporiser Shop

Products: 1000+

Your online vape shop. Buy variety of vapes at Q8Vapes with best vape price in Kuwait. They deal in dozens of vape pod kits,mods,e-juice,atomizers,disposable,pods & colis & variety of vape. Shop from all the best vape brands at q8vapes. com.

Location: MA, USA

Category: Electronics

Number of Employees: 9800

Bose is a name that is close to the hearts of anyone who cares about premium sound. Their noise cancellation headphones are famous the world over, but they also make all kinds of new technologies, being one of the powerhouses of innovation and research in the country.

Location: TX, USA

Category: Electronics

Number of Employees: 4169

Every DIY and Hobbyists favourite store, RadioShack is a retailer specialising in small electronic items of all kinds, DIY tools, and kits. After an impressive run as a brick and mortar retailer, Radioshack has now moved exclusively online, with a focus on e-commerce going forward rather than retail locations.

Whether you want to be tomorrow’s fashion powerhouse, or deal in boutique, single run items, there is no doubt that for e-commerce, shopify is the place to be. With an impressively intuitive system that can let you get started in minutes, your website can be generating revenue faster than you can pick up the phone to Hire Shopify Developer India to make it for you! With a careful eye for A/B testing, and proper maintenance, you could see your name on one of these lists soon!

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