The Convenience Of A Maintenance Plan: Stress Free, Automagic Optimization For Your Website

Imagine a house. Freshly built, with the concrete still drying and the paint still fresh. You move in, along with your family, and you start your life within this house. What happens in the course of your day to day life? Things break; need repainting, repairs, and renovation. When you don’t keep up with the regular maintenance of your home, eventually it’ll look dilapidated, cracked, and unfit to live in. For your business, your website is the home of your business, and all the users of it your family. And in order to keep your website working well for your family, the form of repair and upkeep is to regularly keep your website maintained.

In this article, you will see the many different parts that come together to keep your website functioning in tip top shape, and how regular maintenance and updates keep it that way in order to always be available and functional for all your users.

  1. Regular Website Backup

Your website is the storage area for all the different areas of your organization. HR, Employee Reporting, Sales, e-commerce, and other online activities can generate gigabytes of information every day, all of which is on your website. Should your website ever suffer a technical malfunction or error, regular website backups will ensure that data loss is nonexistent to minimal. This will greatly improve recovery speed, and can mean the difference between being back up the next day, or weeks of downtime while you run expensive data recovery.

  1. Iterative Improvement of Website Performance

Your website is never truly complete, and changes in the underlying frameworks of the technology that runs the world wide web, like HTML or CSS, mean that as new versions of browsers and internet frameworks come out, the performance of a website that is not regularly updated to take advantage of these updates will fall over time. On the other hand, regular website updates that factor in these changes will make sure that your performance and user experience increases over time!

  1. Round the clock monitoring for Threats, Intrusions and uptime

All the valuable data that is stored on your website is frequently targeted for theft or ransom by unethical hackers and thieves. Were they to gain access to your data, it would result in a data breach. This can reveal the sensitive details of your organization, and might even result in the release of personal details of your customers, like names and addresses. This can cause a catastrophic loss of consumer trust in your business. With a maintenance plan that includes security updates and monitoring, you can mitigate these risks entirely!

  1. Maintain your position in online rankings and SEO

One of the ways that search engines rank your website is by how often it is updated. A website that is updated frequently is considered to be actively worked on by its owner, and is therefore prioritized higher in the search results order. Take advantage of this fact, and use a website maintenance service that will ensure that your site looks like it is regularly updated, and enjoy the higher rankings you see later.

  1. Increase in business leads and conversion rate

As users visit your website, over time you collect usability statistics like how much time they spent on your site, where they went, and other data. This is called telemetry, and can be a useful tool to improve the conversion rate of your website. With a website plan that includes a conversion improvement plan, this telemetry can be used to minimize the amount of time that it takes to get a customer to make an interaction after they visit the website. Over time, this can lead to significant leads generated.

As you know, technology moves fast. And as new browsers come out, new standards appear, and the rules for how websites work change, it is important to keep abreast of these changes and update your website to reflect that. In addition, other things like security and performance improvements are good incentives for regular maintenance as well. In this post, You have seen the myriad benefits of regular website maintenance, and how a comprehensive service plan will pay huge dividends in the long run.

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