How to Become an App Store Sensation like the Top Five Most Popular iPhone Apps of All Time

Apple is all set to hit the 50 million iPhone app downloads mark soon and the only real epiphany is the undoubted massive contribution of download rates by the most popular iPhone apps of all time.

The dawn of one morning in July 2008, saw Apple release the App Store with only 500 iPhone apps to its name; all geared up to change the face of the tech sector and was cited as a major “game changer for the industry”. Since then, Apple has come a long way and it’s safe to say that it has had one loco ride, creating a revolution of its own right.

Now, a stage that hosts over 2 million apps beating the like of Android’s Play Store, it’s no surprise that iPhone apps are stealing the limelight. A rat race like this does lead one to wonder how the most popular apps stay at the top of the game, always. That’s some tough competition, eh?

Well then, how did the highest ranking iPhone apps with over 100 million downloads each to their credit make it to the top of the App Store mountain? Bagging a spot in the top 10 is not an easy feat but definitely not unachievable. Let’s have a look at the most popular iPhone apps racking up over hundred downloads every minute.

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Top 5 iPhone Apps That Are Ruling the App Store

Beyond a shadow of doubt, social media and entertainment apps are topping all charts of the leading iPhone applications. The year 2018 saw surprising trends like Tik Tok forge ahead of YouTube and games like PUBG draw crowds of youngsters to the App Store like moths to flames. We have named five of the most brilliant, popular apps of all time.


Facebook marked the first big craze that took the world by a storm. Ever since Facebook was launched, the website racked up millions of people who could not wait to get online on this genius creation, literally. Currently, it’s the world’s most popular social networking iPhone app to ever exist.

Available for all platforms like iOS and Android, Facebook allows you to easily connect with friends and family online, carry out business relations and get exposure of the best posted ideas on the Internet. Making new friends has never been simpler!

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“Photographs are stories that are failed to be put into words”, as once said by a famous person became a living example with Instagram. A photo and video sharing app that instantly became a hit amongst teenagers, Instagram made photo sharing fun and quirky.

IGers can post images and stories, give a heart (like) on photos, socialize, comment and share, view a feed that looks like a dream and all in all have a good time. A brilliant platform for photographers to showcase their art and talent, Instagram rules social media!
Walk. See. Stop. Photograph!

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The most popular Google iPhone app to ever exist, YouTube is a video-sharing platform that most people swear by! With jaw-dropping content being posted daily, users of this app love the innovative touch it provides in a plethora of video features such as blogging, vlogging and live streaming.

‘YouTubers’ – a term that content creators call themselves are the special ingredients of YouTube, who seemingly have a video answer for any question there ever was. The best video-sharing iPhone app there ever could be, YouTube is bound to become a personal favourite on your list.

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A brilliant and effective chat platform, WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging service enjoyed by people from all age groups. Free to use, all users need is to register with their mobile numbers and get online to get the message across.

WhatsApp allows people to chat setting no bar on the message limit, making it the most easy-to-use messaging service. Now, with an iPhone app that lets people chat, video call, upload stories and make groups, WhatsApp Messenger is a top favourite for people looking to “connect”.
Simple yet significant!

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Google Maps

Another outstanding creation of Google, Google Maps is a web mapping service which provides satellite imagery for people to view the world on the go. People especially commuters love to move around by using its GPS-localization feature for navigation, access street view and view information about public transit.

Currently, the sixth most downloaded iPhone app on the App Store, Google Maps is a perfect example that travelling is real bliss.

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Four exceptional iOS features to develop the world’s most popular iPhone app

With so many iPhone apps reigning the App Store, undoubtedly there’s competition in the market but does not cancel out the scope for endless possibilities to arise. Achieving a top spot in the App Store is not an easy feat and with such cut-throat competition thriving in the industry, cutting-edge technology alone won’t make it. So, how to develop a brilliant iPhone app to reach new heights of popularity?

Look no further as we have mentioned new features of iOS that you can integrate to build a stand-out iPhone application.

Voice Technology

Android has Alexa, iOS has Siri. Siri, a valuable asset of iPhone since its inception, is often overlooked because of its competitors. But little do people know Siri’s exorbitant touch to an iPhone. With the newly introduced Siri Shortcuts feature, Apple is all set to touch the zenith of incredible tech-support for iPhone app development.

Siri Shortcuts allow Apple users to get their work done without engineering their way across their devices and apps using simple voice assistant technology shortcuts. Popular apps such as Momento, BuzzFeed and Pandora have already integrated Siri Shortcuts into their apps to add that extra edge.

Augmented Reality

Give your iPhone a real-world feel with the new ARKit. AR, a futuristic concept gives your iPhone app a different stage to shine its light and share AR experiences. Carving a niche for the Apple industry, Augmented Reality is a visionary for iPhone app development.

  • Using AR, face detection and 3D object recognition is a real thing now. The user can simply point the phone towards a bird and have their iPhone detect it.
  • iPhone games can now support multiplayer settings.
  • Scene reflection made a reality; enabling virtual objects come to life.

Animated Awesomeness

If you didn’t already think that iPhone was cool, the new iOS update release saw a range of funky, animated effects that transformed the entire feel of operating on an iPhone. Animating an app allows users to play around more and genuinely enjoy the app.

  • Memoji – Personalize an emoji to depict your current mood.
  • Cool camera effects and sticker packs to use in your chat module, allowing users to have a fun experience while messaging on the go.

Machine Learning Conceptualization

Apple recently launched Core ML and Core ML 2, a toolkit specifically created to integrate machine learning techniques in iPhone apps. Easy to gestate machine learning frameworks using tools like Swift, iPhone App Development has never been easier!

  • Core ML is a specially designed framework that incorporates detection abilities to read text, barcode, landmark and face, also providing support for object tracking and is useful in invoking Siri and Camera for iPhone.
  • Core ML 2 is a deep learning core that also supports detection techniques and also supports enhanced image registration for AR apps.

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