Apple Decreed That New Apps Must Support Iphone X Super Retina Display From April

The new iPhone X was released in November 2017 in India. Since its release, the iPhone X has created a hype amongst tech geeks about its new looks and technological features. Physical features of the new iPhone X are cutting-edge and a unique technology in this date and time.

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The camera on the new iPhone X is the most sophisticated technology ever developed by Apple that not only gives you quality pictures but also supports Face ID. The body of the iPhone X is made of surgical-grade stainless steel and with a durable glass which gives the iPhone X a sophisticated look and a durable nature. The durable glass brings us to the 5.8-inch OLED display of the iPhone X. It is a true OLED which is also the first time any manufacturer has embedded into their phones. It gives true accurate display with stunning colors which have a million to one contrast ratio. It means once you lay eyes on the new iPhone X display it will be just like a lucid dream.

As the display of the iPhone X is unique and new, Apple wanted their iPhone X user to truly feel the quality of the high-end OLED display. Therefore Apple decreed that the new apps developed by the developers should be compatible with the iPhone X 5.8-inch super retina display. In addition to that Apple also gave guidelines on how to make this possible. Apple has requested the developer to develop the new application on the new iOS 11 SDK or the advanced version that would be automatically compatible with the 5.8 inch OLED display. And since the wearable devices of Apple are getting prominence in the market the developers also require the application to be developed with the WatchOS 4 SDK or the later version.

This new set of guidelines and instructions are intended for better UI of iOS applications and the promotion of the super retina display setting it as the new trend of mobile application development. The sudden decision of Apple to use the latest technology for the development is to create a better standard of the brand and the applications on the play store.

The information was shared by Apple to all registered Apple developers through e-mail. And as the Apple has also instructed developers embed iOS 11 SDK in the application, they are promoting the features iOS 11 promises such as ARKit, Siri, Core ML, etc. It is expected from Apple to introduce more new and interactive technology for the user.

The developers from all over the world have accepted this as a challenge and are attempting to develop applications according to the guidelines that Apple has introduced. Many IT firms that provide iOS App Development in India that is recognized for their expertise in iOS development around the world have been successful in developing applications according to the new Apple guidelines. They have not only able to develop applications that are compatible with the new OLED display but also embedded iOS 11 SDK in the applications that they develop.

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