Why app security is an integral part of App development process?

The process of app development has become development-centric, rather than quality-centric. For an efficient application along with flawless development and expressive design, having a robust security system is important. The data is an important asset for the user and the app developers should respect that. They must take preventive measures that can assure the security of the application data.


There are many tools and software that optimizes and tests the security of the application. Many mobile app development companies in India, Japan, USA, Australia, and the UK use these tools and software to enhance the app quality. Adding security in the app development process can enforce an extra layer of protection to the data of the users as well as the application source code.

Threat modelling on features

This method can help you find the quality flaws and security vulnerabilities in the application. The bugs and coding errors and issues can be found, sorted out, and solved with the help of this method. This is an extremely important factor that can enhance the quality of the application.

Development with robust language

There are many development languages such as C#, C++, Swift, Java that are considered as a robust app development languages that are used by several developers. Use of robust app development language can ensure security from any external attacks or data manipulation.

App review

The app review process can help you figure out any development lacking that leads to app security vulnerability. Detection of the app security vulnerability and solving them becomes easy with the help of app review process.

Benchmarking application security

This process can ensure that your application stands fit against certain app security standards before getting published. There are several security criteria based on which you can set the app security.

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