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Overview of Requisite Cost for App Development in 2021

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According to the statistics, almost every company, irrespective of their size has a mobile app. This proves that people will surely get engaged in your business when you have an app. All you need to do is build an app and then see your sales increasing and reaching its peak.

Obviously, most businesses are concerned about the app development cost in India, and you will get all your answers here. The time period of developing the app might vary for sure, but it is also important that your app is creative enough to captivate the customers as well.

app development cost

Here is a detailed overview of the app development process and the cost that you might have to invest in the year 2021 for developing an app-

1. What are the primary factors that determine the cost of the app?

We will see the huge demand of mobile apps in year 2021 as the app market is growing, and people are spending more time on apps. So, there is always one common query that strikes the mind, which is “what is the cost for app development”? Mobile app development is a lengthy procedure, and there are multiple factors for that. Each factor has its own cost and it is important to consider when you are planning the budget for your app. It is impossible to gauge the exact cost because every professional and their services are diversified when it comes to the monetary value.

There is no particular process that will help you find them and if we try to calculate, here are some characteristics or factors that might help us to get an idea about the app development cost, and to be specific, a few are listed below:

  • • Sort of the specialist you pick as there are so many professionals out there who are offering the services at different prices.
  • • The mission of the app and its category.
  • • The number of stages in the procedure.
  • • If you want the app in an early stage, you might have to spend on that too.
  • • Back-end infrastructure and connected APIs.
  • • Type of the task.
  • • Also, some unpredicted expenses should be considered in case of causalities.

However, there is no fixed procedure or the cost, but this is how one can estimate can be calculated at the stage-1. Also, there are endless features, that can be added to your app and these features will decide that your cost will increase or decrease.

factors that determine App cost

According to the statistics, people spend 90% of the time on mobile apps while they are using it and 10% time on the browser. This betokens that why your business needs a mobile app.

2. What are the requirements of the app that will decide its cost?

As aforementioned, there will be multiple steps in this process. There are various requirements while building the app, and each requirement will cost you something for sure. But when all these things are fulfilled, your customers are surely going to relish while they are spending time on your application. All the great and renowned apps have followed these needs and if you want to give a great experience to your clients, then you should consider it too-

Requirements of App Development

  • • Installation – There should not be any clash while installing the app on phone. This is only possible when the app is made with proper coding on the right app development framework.
  • • Accessibility – The will be successful when it is accessible from the Play Store as well as from the App Store, so make sure your app is available on all the platforms because if you want to reach globally, this is a savvy decision. Albeit, you might have to spend some money here as well.
  • • Analytics – It is an amazing tool that helps to know what is going on in the surrounding. Analytics helps in knowing what is working properly and what needs changes.
  • • Simple and ingenious – It is important that your app is original, simple, and ingenious. Simple because people must find it easy to use and the app should be ingenious too, in order to beguile the customers.
  • • Safety and security – People will only explore your application when they will find that it is safe to use. Therefore, it is important that you take care of the safety of customers.

Every point that is mentioned here, is important because while developing the app. Your app must have all these lineaments are crucial for every app to stand out from other apps and to make this possible, you might have disbursed in the series of app development cost in India

3. What is the formula to find out the estimated cost of the app development process for 2021?

The main thing about any app will be its features. When a professional develop an app for you, they distribute the work at several stages, and every stage will need its own time. In order to be perfect, the professionals will invest a lot of time and on the basis of the time they have spent developing the app, will help you in calculating the estimate for your app.

The number of features and the complexities of the app directly correlate with the cost to build the app. So, when you want to know the estimated cost, you can always use the following formula.

Before the development begins, a developer will offer you a rough budget so that you get a specific idea for it. The quote will rely on the project descriptions, your needs and requirements, and technical needs. And this cost is calculated based on the concept, the pace and complexity, and the functionalities as well.

All these apps are made either made with the fixed charges or charges based upon the time and material consumed in the procedure. But one should always prefer time and material because it broadens the scope of making changes while the process is going on and you get the rough estimation at the initial stage as well.

4. Types of mobile apps that will decide the cost

When it comes to types of apps, there are 3 major categories in the world of app development. Most people think that mobile apps are all same, but the fact is that there are 3 versatile categories in this case. The primary use of this app is to ease the work of the customers and for that, you need to pick the right type of app for your business. Let us know more about these apps-

  • i. Hybrid apps
  • The hybrid app works on multiple platforms and behaves like a native app. It is the combination of native apps and web apps, and this app is built with languages like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript and runs in a Webview.
  • The significant advantage of this app is that it does not need a web browser like web apps, and also, it has the access to the device’s APIs and device hardware.
  • ii. Native apps
  • These apps are most commonly used and this platform accepts different languages. For example, native iOS apps are built with languages like Objective-C or swift, while native android apps are built with languages like Java and Kotlin.
  • iii. Web apps
  • Progressive web apps are just like hybrid apps of the regular web pages and native apps. Basically, these apps are becoming more advanced by offering different features that include improved touch gestures, sending push notifications, improved touch gestures. Such apps are very easy to maintain, as a common code is used on multiple platforms.

5. Factors that may affect the cost

If you are planning to build an app in 2021 this point is important for you because as you finally step into building an app for the business, it is important that a right professional is hired for the service. The cost may also keep changing according your single mistake might cost you a lot when you pick someone who is an amateur. This is because building an app is no joke, and will require professionalism because a lack of knowledge and discipline will affect your cost. Also, there is a chance that other things listed below may affect as well-

  • • Pre-development – App development is a critical procedure and requires a lot of attention, when an amateur leaves the app in the pre-developed stage, this is the place when the cost of app development might get affected. So, it is necessary that there is a thorough assessment at the initial stage because it is necessary to get the app checked before the further procedure commences.
  • • Features – As mentioned above, features are immensely vital for the app. Perfect features will engage more and more people. But are you wondering how can the features affect the cost? If you need more rich features for your app, then the time period of building the app might increase. Depending upon the features you want, the cost will be determined because the more the features, the more will be the time and vice versa.

6. Cost varying upon Layout, User interface(UI), and user experience(UX) to accelerate engagement

According to statistics and research, people will leave your app without exploring if they find the application is boring. The application can be boring because of various reasons but one of the significant reasons is the UI and UX layout of the app.

It is important to make UI and UX design perfect so that your customers like exploring your website. The cost will vary depending upon the designs you want, because the simple the design, the lesser will be the amount and vice versa. But, if you want your app to do wonders, make sure you select the best layout.

7. What is the cost of an app based on the stages?

This bar graph illustrates the cost that can incur on the different stages while the procedure of app development is on-going. Let us go through the details of these stages-

  • • The first stage is planning and it is the initial stage where the professionals will work on the details which are given by you. The planning stage will require around $10,000.
  • • Next is designed, where you will decide what should be texture, color, and design of your app and this stage is slightly higher than planning because here the experts will finally start working. Here you might have to expend around $25,000.
  • • The third is features, and as mentioned above features are the most significant and crucial part of the app. This step will acquire more cost from your budget because this will decide the actual framework of the app. During this step, around you have to spend around $25,000-$30,000.
  • • Infrastructure will be the final touch up that will decide how your app is going to look when it goes live in the market. The augmented cost will be incurred here which will be almost $55,000.
  • • Again App administration is the step where everything will be check properly and this stage will need $20,000.
  • • Testing is the step where the professionals will test the app and fix all the bugs in there. These steps require thorough attention and your expenses will be around $24,000- $25,000.
  • • Deployment means that your app is ready and running on the servers and this stage requires a minimal amount of money, which will be around $4,000- $5,000.

8. Hidden Cost in Mobile app development

Now, we know what amount we need to build an app, but there are some hidden costs as well, which simply cannot be ignored. And of the vital hidden cost are Functional services.

Hidden Cost in Mobile app development

Functional service is the step where you will decide what you want your app to execute, that is functions and third-party APIs. Here are some examples listed below-

  • – Push notifications
  • – Social and chat
  • – SMS
  • – Email Marketing
  • – Administration services

Also, you cannot call upon IT every time you need to update the app once it is live. The professionals will help you out till the stage when your app is in the market, but if there are some bugs that are still needed to be fixed, then this step is where you might have to spend some money to get this situation fixed.

You might also need a dashboard, which is completely your choice. For example, your app is for shopping purposes, so here you will need a dashboard for the same. So, when you need a dashboard, you will have to spend some money on that.

However, here are some more key features that are imperative for the proper functioning of the Dashboard-

  • – Content management
  • – Emulator
  • – User profile
  • – Infrastructure services
  • – Data segmentation

The next hidden cost would be the hosting server. Once everything is ready, you need some cost to host it and send it to live. Not just this, it is important that your app works effectively when it is made available on the server. Following are some features that should be there in your app so that it runs effectively.

  • – CDN
  • – Development Tools
  • – API Libraries
  • – IT Support Services

All the points mentioned here are some hidden costs, which may or may not incur depending upon the services you are choosing to build the app

9. So what will be the final and actual cost of your app?

After all the information, we can conclude that the app development cost in India may vary from $30,000 to 2 million dollars, depending upon the venture and the investments and the complexity of the features that are needed. Some numerous variations and visualizations can be created in your app.

what will be the final and actual cost of your app

It is totally up to you what you are looking for in the app and the type of experience that you want to give to your customers. The applications can be for lifestyle, food, cab booking, and if you are a startup, you can still have an app for your business because according to the studies and research, those businesses which have an app tend to attract more customers and this will eventually increase the sales.

So, if you don’t have an app yet, get one for your business and give your customers an amazing experience.

  • Finally…

Looks like year 2021 will bring some amazing mobile apps with the help of fantastic technologies as every business needs an app, but your budget will decide how your app will look like. All you need is the best company that offers proper services. Make sure you have knowledge about app development costs in India because this way you will have a clear idea about the budget and you can select the best company to develop a mobile app for you.

admin (Jay Patel)

Mr. Jay is a founder and CEO of Vrinsoft Technology, an outsourcing company for the IT services. He has spent his 10+ years in the industry so that having a good experience and expertise in the project coordination, business development, dealing with global clients, etc. As an entrepreneur in the area of web and mobile app development, he has also published many blogs and articles on latest web based technology, development tips, and mobility solutions.

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