Amazing New Features in Android 9 Pie

The Android platform is one of the versatile mobile operating systems in the commercial market. The open-source nature of Android has enabled developers to innovate various custom solutions for the Android platform. Although the Android applications are developed with various tools, the platform itself is a completely different thing for each device. There are over 10 versions of the Android operating system which brings us to the new Android operating system, Android 9 Pie.

Android app development

The Android 9 Pie has been completed and is heading out to the pixel devices. The Android platform is now preparing for the latest version of Android P but along with the development of Android P, they gave their Android 9 users some cool features that were not possible in the previous versions. The applications of AI that were discussed in the Google I/O 2018 event were inherited by the Android 9 Pie. These cool applications of AI in the platform gave Android 9 Pie extraordinary capabilities which are explored by the users. Here are some of the above-mentioned features that have created hype amongst Android users.

Automatic brightness settings

The AI in the Android system now calls the shots for setting the brightness in the Android device. The system observes the brightness settings of the user during each period of time and sets the brightness of the device by learning from the usage pattern of users. The system also considers different brightness settings based on the brightness that user sets while using different apps. This also drastically affects the battery consumption rate and can even help you save a significant battery charge.

Screen time limit

This feature was planned to include in the Android P but was later discussed to include in the Android 9 Pie. This feature allows the user to set a fixed amount of screen limit exceeding upon which the user will get a notification. This feature is really useful for establishing the digital well being of the user where they spend some quality time off the phone. Hence this feature will allow the user to care for them apart from spending time on the phone.

Gesture-based navigation

The Android 9 Pie will also offer gesture-based navigation along with Android P. This feature will provide quick access to the icons and other functionalities. An easy swipe is all that it takes to switch between the pages. The swiping can be initiated from the “pill” home button which will allow you to swipe amongst recent pages. The new Android devices that are created are accommodating this feature in the device.

Optimized battery usage

The battery usage of the device is specially taken care of with this feature. This feature keeps track of the complete battery consumption of each application and notifies the user on each app. This will allow the user to know which application is consuming the most battery and will shut down the app if necessary on user’s order. This feature is hence a great way to save battery and keep the device running for more time.

Here are some of the amazing features that are available in the new Android 9 Pie. The Android App Development companies from all around the world are developing their application supporting these features in their apps. As the beta version of the Android P promises a better feature pack, we can only expect more from Google and Android to be more innovative in their final version of Android P.

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