A Sneak Peek into the Core Features the Android N is expected to have

Android N or Android 7.0 is all set to be launched soon. There is much excitement and talk about the launch. The Android N is expected to incorporate some great features. We will take a look at what can be expected from the much publicized Android N.

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Release date

The Android is most likely to be launched this year 2016. Android is always complimented by updates of Nexus. Even though hopes are high for Nexus 6P and 5X to be launched soon.

Multi window mode

The Android N will feature the multi-window mode. This feature will enable compatible apps to be opened side-by-side and resized using a movable slider. Users will be allowed to drag and drop between various split screen windows. For full screen mode, users can drag the slider till the edge.
The feature will provide a multitasking experience similar to OEM devices.

Enhanced Doze Mode

Doze Mode, a popular Marshmellow feature will be improved in Android N. It will feature the two-tier system. It will operate when the screen is off. This implies that advantages of Doze Mode can be enjoyed even when the phone is not in use. The feature will enable a stationary phone to go in deep hibernation.

Freeform window mode

The free form window mode will allow launching multiple applications at the same time. The feature will also allow resizing the apps to be moved around on the screen as per the user’s requirement. Text drag and drop feature is supported in this mode.

Settings menu

Android N will feature a redesigned settings menu. The new feature will have a suggestions drop-down menu at the top. Basic details of every section will be visible in the Settings menu. This is bound to be a time-saving feature for users. Android N will have separate sections for sounds and notifications.

The Android N will mark the return of the hamburger core menu and will feature the swipe-out nav drawers which will reproduce sections in the settings menu. This feature will make it easier and less time consuming to switch to main Settings.

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