7 Things You Must Know About New Android 8.0 Oreo

Oreo is it a cookie or a real application? Yes, it’s a new cookie for Android OS and there is much to like about it. O in Oreo stands for development is 15th version of Android Operating system and it is the 8th major update of 2017 which is still new in the market. Along with a number of features it also came with two major platform features: “Hardware Abstraction Layer” and “Android Go”.

Android 8.0 Oreo - Android App Development

You have to install the updates to find some of the best features and also reach outside of the Android Beta Program. As we know Android mobile operating system updates everytime with something new and this time it is backed into Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. As per Google’s message Android 8.0 Features are all about “Vitals” and “Fluid Experiences” indicating better flow on the screen. Let us dive to some of the key features of Android O along with Vrinsoft Technology as preferable Android App Development.

Notification Dots

It is essential a little dot that appears on the application when there’s a notification. It simply shows that there is some activity occurred in the app. A pending notification dot occurs as an app icon which can even be disabled by pressing long on the home screen itself, followed by a press on Settings. Slide the switch towards all notification dots and turn it off.


Android Oreo shows picture-in-picture mode that allows two apps on your Android device like chatting with friends or searching location in Maps or watching a video. You just have to tap a home button to activate the feature.

One running activity will become small window when you press on the home button to start with new activity. Swipe it away once you finish with your activity. You can even roll that window anywhere in the screen so it will not come in way of your current activity.

Improvements in Wi-Fi

It now supports Bluetooth audio codecs same as LDAC code. Totally new Wi-Fi aware is available which is known by Neighbour Awareness Networking. Your device will automatically on Wi-Fi when it detects your home or preset Wi-Fi and it helps to save your Mobile Data.

Smarter and Faster

With new operating system work smartly and quickly go with your favorite task with a 2x fast speed which boosts up the speed while powering up.

Autofill Password

Forgetting password is not an issue anymore with Android Oreo; Google will offer to fill with information which will be stored in your account that helps to integrate. Now your password will be auto-filled and help to get you with your favorite apps.

Healthier Storage

Now with this updated version you have the option to delete some of the content from a downloaded folder or can uninstall application to free up space. If your work is affecting due to slow working of a phone, Open Settings > Storage > Free up Space.

Life Saver

Save the life of the battery for long with new Android OS 8.0 Oreo. Either, chatting, steaming, playing or working, be confident about battery life as it is going to work stronger than before.

Android 8.0 Oreo is the comprehensive version of Android which is faster, rich in features and stable than ever before. With a number of new features, it is more popular in the market to beat with other Smartphones. Now your activities are easily managed and controlled with Android Oreo.

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