6 tips on speeding up Mobile App Development process

Mobile apps have become a vital part of our day to day life. Not just our normal daily life even businesses are now being influenced greatly by it. They have become a deciding factor when it comes to the success of any respective business. Today, businesses are being perceived on how well they have adopted mobile apps for showcasing their products and services. Mobile apps have helped businesses to reach out to such demographical spectrum which was next to possible before few years and not leveraging mobile apps for business right now would be like missing out on a plethora of opportunities which the domain of mobile apps have to offer.

Mobile App Development

Hence, if you are a business who wants to be in front of their customers and that too as much as possible then mobile app development is the field that you should be investing in. Well, mobile apps cannot be developed at a breakneck pace; they demand time, efforts, a good team and many other important elements.

Regardless of the complexity of developing a mobile app, the market is mushrooming at a rapid pace where everyone is venturing into mobile apps. And to survive this cut-throat competition it becomes mandatory that your process of app development doesn’t hold you back as well as slows you down when it comes to launching an app in the app store. For example, let’s assume that you have an innovative app idea and its development exceeded the determined time period and someone else with the same app idea released the app in the app store before you. Well, what would happen? All your efforts and resources will go in vain. Also, it might happen that the idea on which you were working might run out of need (i.e. there is no longer demand for such kind of solutions in the market and even among the users) then your app and even your attempts can all become pointless.

So, what do you need to do in such situation as mobile apps are critical for digitalizing your products and services? You speed up your development process without compromising the quality of code or functionality of your application.

Well, that being said let’s look at 5 sure-fire ways to speed up your Mobile App Development process:

Prepare the Wireframes first

Before jumping straight away in the development of your mobile app, it is advisable to first prepare your wireframes. Wireframes are your Pandora box for getting essential answers to your questions such as: Who will be using the app? , What is the app intended to do? , What is the basic functionality and add-ons? In short, it helps you in planning what needs to be developed in advance where whoever tries to figure out what the app is about can get their answers. This is very much helpful for all the people who are involved in the development of the mobile app and can get all of them on the same page. This is, in turn, would save your time eventually speeding up your development process.

Consider Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Instead of releasing a fully developed app, you should consider releasing an MVP. This would help you in building your app presence in the app market. What happens when you go with MVP is that when the users get a sneak peek of what your app is about (especially the core features and functionality) they would either leave positive or negative feedback. Using this feedback you can make changes in your app and can develop what’s actually needed by the users.

Consider Hybrid App Development

iOS or Android? Well, we can’t really choose any one platform as both of these, have a wide audience base and be missing out on any one of them would be like missing out on great sales. But implementing both of them separately will only add to delays in development and app release. So what you can really do is go with Hybrid app development where cross-platform app development tools such as Xamarin and PhoneGap can help you develop and launch applications for both iOS and Android simultaneously.

Consider Outsourcing

Yes, developing your application using in-house developers is great but if your app has some complexities that require specific skills and knowledge then it’s better to outsource those elements of your application instead of waiting for your in-house developers to learn or master those skills.

Focus on the core elements

An application would obviously have its core elements and some side elements. And you as an Appreneur or developer would certainly want to develop and handle all of it. But when you are short on time and plan to release your app as soon as possible what you can do is focus on developing the core elements and outsource the extra elements so that your app gets ready to be launched before the determined timeframe.

Consider off-the-rack elements

Given that you have time constraints then there is no need to develop every single element of the application from scratch. There are many off-the-shelf solutions available which are reliable and are also utilized by many developers out there. Hence, you can use them to speed up your development process without compromising the quality of your application.